I love to create! Majoring in Art Education gave me an unparalleled opportunity to try my hand at many different mediums- stained glass, watercolor, oil, ceramics, plaster, clay, etc. I even made my husband's wedding band using the ancient lost wax method. Since having five children, for many years I turned to photography for my creative release. Now that the young'uns are not so young anymore, I am beginning to drag the art materials back out and try my hand at art once again. Thanks for joining me on my artistic journey! Check out my new etsy shop:

Amy Jones

Package Prices:
Seniors/Individuals- $150 (includes sitting,photos on CD, announcement design)
Family (up to 6 people)- $150 (includes sitting & photos on CD) add $10 for each
additional person
Pictures with Christ (up to 4 children)- $395 (includes sitting with outfits and an
original 16x20 gallery wrapped artwork)

Add on Photo Prices:
8-wallets: $8.00
4x6: $6.00
5x7: $10.00
8x10: $15.00
11x14: $30.00
16x20: $45.00
18x24: $65.00
20x30: $85.00
Other sizes and options available

Artistic upgrade (vintage, painting, drawing, shabby chic, etc.): $10.00 per photo
Photoshop changes: $5.00 each (slenderizing, face swaps, blemishes, etc)